BlueHats, who's in ?

The BlueHats are all the people who want to show that they contribute to Free and Open Source software developed and/or used by public administrations all over the world: civil servants involved in the use and development of these software, of course, but also citizens who recognise that their actions in favour of Free Software help the administration's projects.

BlueHats is not a product or a brand of the French Free Software Unit. It's a global movement to which our unit contributes by publishing a newsletter in French, organising online workshops and face-to-face meetings. All public administrations around the world are invited to contribute to this movement and add events to the website!

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BlueHats, where to start?

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BlueHats events

You can start by organising BlueHats events, inviting people to support Free Software in the public sector by sharing their expertise, hacking, etc. Events do not have to be big hackathons: even small face-to-face meetings are useful.

BlueHats online workshops

As a civil servant, you can easily share your expertise on Free Software through online workshops to which you can invite other civil servants.

BlueHats newsletters

If your administration is willing to commit to spreading information about the progress of Free Software in the public sector, it can publish a newsletter.

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